Our School
Tony Goetz Elementary

*School Vision:  Our vision for Tony Goetz Elementary is to join students, teachers, and  families as one community, empowering students to become responsible leaders and lifelong learners. Excellence will be demonstrated through high expectations and a commitment to service within a nurturing and caring learning environment.

*School Mission Statement:  The mission of the Tony Goetz Elementary community is to provide a nurturing environment that promotes civic responsibility and provide a training ground for future leaders through career awareness.

*School Philosophy:  We believe the students of Tony Goetz will develop personal responsibility while exploring career awareness in a nurturing environment that builds self-esteem.  We empower children to become life-long learners.

*School Goals:

~Academic Achievement/ Performance

~Building Student Character and School Climate


Historical Elements of Tony Goetz: Anton Goetz: The man Anton "Tony" Goetz was born in Hungary in 1884. After attending music school in Budapest, he traveled to the United States alone at the age of 14. He worked with many musical groups, including the Chicago Symphony, and eventually decided to direct the United States Army Band at only 24 years of age. After his military service, Tony's interest in the Shriner Band led him to Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1922. He became the Director of the Bedouin Temple Band and the city acquired a renowned musician, teacher, composer and arranger. Tony used to say, "Give me a bunch of children and I am right at home." For that reason, he enjoyed his position as the Muskogee High School Band Director. He served Muskogee Public Schools for over 25 years. Mr. Goetz was honored by being named the Junior Chamber of Commerce's "Most Valuable Citizen" and Muskogee celebrated "Tony Goetz Day" in January 1946. After his passing in March 1948, a new school was built and named in his honor. We, at Tony Goetz Elementary School, continue to carry the legacy and love Mr. Goetz left us.
About Tony Goetz Elementary School: At Tony Goetz, We:
*Provide a strong academic curriculum in which students learn to apply what they learn in the classroom into everyday use in the real world.
*Promote, practice and reward good character so that students learn the importance of good citizenship.
*Assign students different responsibilities to foster growth, maturity and leadership.
*Make available social activities so students may practice getting along, sharing different viewpoints, and respecting each other's differences. *Celebrate diversity and hold to the motto that One Size Doesn't Fit All as we teach to the various learning styles and provide for different learning levels. *Allow student input in the decision-making process so that students learn the value of making good choices and the results of real-life consequences. *Accept mistakes and challenges as part of the growth process.
*Encourage play, fun and laughter as students build friendships, establish a strong knowledge foundation and realize the importance of working together. *Promote learning as relevant, joyful and necessary as a life-long process. *Appreciate each other's differences and strengths and promote growth in all areas.
*Provide a safe, caring environment where students thrive, explore and develop their own individuality.
Muskogee Phoenix article from June 1992 soliciting Anton "Tony" Goetz memorabilia. Mr. Goetz was being honored for his contributions to music by the Oklahoma Band Directors Association.
Mr. Goetz's Most Valuable Citizen trophy.