P. David Shouse, Jr.

  Mr. P. David Shouse, Jr. is a 1985 graduate of the University of Tulsa.  He was taught grades 2-12 and numerous college courses.  He still has the same philosphy he started with in 1985: "All Children Can Learn."  One of his favorite quotes from Dr. Mel Levine states, "Every child could hit a homerun if they had a wide enough bat." Mr. Shouse has spent years researching neurodevelopment and how to find specific strategies to help each child think critically.  He believes rigor, relevance, and relationships help students be successful.  The relationships between the school and the families are very important to him.  He knows it takes a village to raise a child.  
  Mr. Shouse is well educated in the recent trends in education, especially Common Core State Standards. He continues to research and help with this transition.  He meets weekly with all staff to implement high expectations and create strategies for all types of learners.  His philosophy is that there is no excuse.  He believes that children will always rise to high expectations.  
  Mr. Shouse spent years working to become a trainer of trainers with Dr. Stephen Covey's Leadership program and feels strongly that we must embed leadership skills into everything we do. His door is always open.  Please call anytime, and feel free to come by.  It is not necessary to have an appointment.    He can be reached at 918.684.3810 or by e-mail: