Mrs. Bradley's Biography
Hi!  I am your new Librarian at Tony Goetz.  My name is Mrs. Bradley.  I have been a teacher for twenty-seven years. I love teaching and working with students to help them learn.  I am very happy to be working as a librarian.    
     I earned my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Northeastern State University in 1985.  Then I went back to school and earned my Masters in Early Childhood Education in 1995.  After that, in 2004 I became a Nationally Certified Teacher.  I am currently going to school on Saturdays.  I like to tell my students I know exactly how they feel. 
     I love to read.  When I am not working or going to school, reading is one of the things I do for fun.  One of  my favorite childrens books is Where the Wild Things Are by Marice Sendack. I also, love No David, by David Shannon.  One of my favorite authors is Gary Paulsen, he wrote Hatchet, A Soldier's Heart and many other great books.   I love to go to the river or lake and lay on a raft and spend my day reading.